-aholic [ə häl′ik]
[-a- + (ALCO)HOLIC] combining form
one who exhibits an obsessive need for or interest in (something specified): Frequently in nonce constructions [foodaholic, spendaholic]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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  • aholic — [ əhɔlık ] suffix used with nouns and verbs to make nouns meaning someone who likes something a lot or who is unable to stop doing something: chocaholic (=someone who loves chocolate) shopaholic (=someone who loves shopping) …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • -aholic — abstracted from ALCOHOLIC (Cf. alcoholic); first in sugarholic (1965), foodoholic (sic., 1965); later in workaholic (1968), golfaholic (1971), chocoholic (1971), and shopaholic (1984) …   Etymology dictionary

  • -aholic — This suffix derived from alcoholic, meaning ‘someone addicted to alcohol’ (late 19c), forms words that mean kinds of addiction, and has moved into common use in the last three or four decades, principally in workaholic (1968), and also in words… …   Modern English usage

  • -aholic — also oholic noun combining form Etymology: alcoholic 1. one who feels compulsively the need to (do something) < workaholic > 2. one who likes (something) to excess < chocoholic > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • -aholic — a combining form extracted from alcoholic, occurring as the final element in compounds, often facetious nonce words, with the sense a person who has an addiction to or obsession with some object or activity : workaholic; chargeaholic. Also, holic …   Universalium

  • -aholic — (also oholic) suffix denoting a person addicted to something: shopaholic. Origin on the pattern of (alc)oholic …   English new terms dictionary

  • -aholic — suffix (in nouns and adjectives) informal someone who cannot stop doing something or using something: a workaholic (=who loves working and cannot stop) | a chocaholic (=who loves chocolate) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • -aholic — UK [əhɒlɪk] / US [əhɔlɪk] suffix used with nouns and verbs to make nouns meaning someone who likes something a lot or who is unable to stop doing something shopaholic (= someone who loves shopping) chocaholic (= someone who loves chocolate) …   English dictionary

  • -aholic — aff. a combining form extracted from alcoholic, used in coinages having the general sense “a person who is addicted to or obsessed with an object or activity,” as specified by the initial element: chargeaholic; foodaholic Compare holic …   From formal English to slang

  • -aholic — a suffix indicating an addiction to a specified substance, activity, interest, etc., as in workaholic. Also, holic …  

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